MediLUME guarantees the satisfactory performance of all products sold and will replace or refund any product which does not operate or operate satisfactorily upon installation.

In addition to this guarantee, specific warranties cover the following lamp types.

High intensity discharge lamps for light source & video processor application for the following products

Equipment Manufacturer & Model Warranty
Linvatec LS7500 500 hours
Linvatec LS7700 500 hours or 12 months from date of purchase
Olympus 500 hours
Pentax EPK- i & EPK-i5010 500 hours or 12 months from date of purchase
Smith & Nephew 500 hours or 12 months from date of purchase
Zeiss Pentero 500 hours

Any lamp of these types that fails before the rated lamp life will be replaced at no charge upon return of the lamp with appropriate customer documentation and following factory evaluation.

The lamp warranties are non-prorated meaning that a lamp failure due to manufacturing defect is replaced for full credit at any point prior to its rated lamp or shelf life.

 Customer service must be contacted for a Return Goods Authorization number prior to the return of product. Any product sent in without this documentation will not be processed.

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